Core Benefits

Allows optimizing human interaction using advanced technology in any service industry

Face and Speech RecognitionAvailable to detect and communicate in different languages
Single TouchpointWith Juliet offering all the Teller services at a single touchpoint
Impact SalesImmediate difference in the sales revenue at a global and granular level
Smart ConnectLet the elite clientele be associated with your Brand with the latest tech in the field

USPs Of The Product

Real-Time Updates

Updates the transactions in real-time & provides instant gratification to the end-user

Brand Ambassador

Juliet creates a new identity for the brand and a strong association to as a technically advanced player

Smart Docking And Recharge System

Enables Juliet to automatically dock into its recharging system when the battery is low

Intuitive + Cognitive = Juliet

Cognitively identifying the customers & Intuitively identifying the expressions & needs of the customer

A glimpse of Improved Efficiency!

Juliet is an insightful humanoid robot that is designed to deliver next-generation serviceability. It allows companies to implement Juliet effectively and efficiently without altering the existing systems and procedures and makes the execution of well defined and repetitive business procedures simple and more human-like.

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