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Health Care

Patients get their first impression of your medical establishment at the front office, so the success of your business depends on staffing your front lines with competent and efficient processes. Basic techniques, such as how to check in patients quickly and efficiently, how to direct them and how to effectively collect payments, will make operations smooth for your patients and your staff.

All patients have one thing in common; they don’t want to be at the clinic or hospital. Making them relaxed is key. When patients tend to feel comfortable they return to the same organization to receive care, thus generating repeat business.

Few key points to make patients feel comfortable:

Provide excellent customer service; treat patients as if they are customers, which they are. Understand the concept of immediate acknowledgement upon arrival and initial greeting and how important it is to business’s success.

Have well defined processes and tools to support those processes e.g. taking a token puts the patient in a virtual queue for the first available appointment, transparently. For those who already have an appointment, taking a token ensures they are called at the appointed time. A digital screen keeps them informed of their appointment progress and also guides them to their appointment room.

Create Sound Payment Policies. If a patients’ medical insurance requires co-payment or approval prior to treatment, ensure the workflow is based around this requirement. Make it easy for the patient to make payment e.g. self-service.

The New Rules
of Success

Front office employees are more available to multitask and assist patients and medical personnel when many of the tasks they perform are computerized. Use technology that automates appointments and makes appointment reminder calls. Use templates for privacy law requirements and new patient questionnaires that reduce administrative data-entering duties for the front office.

Smart Technologies

For the health sector, technology has several goals:

  • A superior customer experience, every time,
  • The migration of payment transactions to self-service and digital channels,
  • 24/7 customer access for interactions,
  • Useful Infotainment – to lower perceived waiting time and anxiety; and
  • Reports that lead to business improvements.

Multi-department technology solutions provided by 4POWER enable these goals. Customer Visit Management & Service Delivery Solutions take care of the consistent, personalized and improved customer experience while at the branch, whereas Self Service Machines provide a non-stop and no waiting business environment. Managed Services enable improvement in efficiencies and competitiveness with no capex.

POWERware Customer Visit Management & Service Delivery Solutions

POWERware Intelligent Self Serive Machines – eLobby Solutions (24×7, non-stop – Transactions)

Advanced Customer Recognition
Advanced Information & Service Delivery Kiosk

POWERserve Managed Services

Managed Advanced Security Operations Center
Managed Advanced Document Management Services
Managed Advanced Account Reconciliation Services to Banking specification
Managed ARM
Managed ADS

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