What do most successful companies have in common? They provide an exceptional customer experience (Cx). Leading companies know that putting customers at the heart of everything they do plays a critical role in improving overall performance. In the same way, governments around the globe are recognizing the central importance of the citizen experience—and devoting resources to making it better as they seek to improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, and mission-effectiveness.

Five ways by which customer experience can be improved at Government:

  • Easy access to contextual information using display and interactive screens;
  • Human-centered design with workflow tools to organize processes, technologies, and infrastructure to improve the quality of interactions;
  • Inclusive design i.e. many languages; including people with determination;
  • Measuring customer experience at the point of service; and
  • Inviting public input to improve services

As governments become more digitally mature, Cx will be a cornerstone of government success. Cx tools can also be applied to the employee experience, which will in turn improve Cx. More broadly, Cx calls attention to not only the customer and employee experiences, but also the values, beliefs, and ambitions that drive behaviors and actions—the human experience.

The New Rules
of Success

  • Inventory where you are or where you can collect customer data. Include qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Use analytics to derive insights from the data and prioritize changes.
  • Infuse a holistic customer perspective informed by data into your design and decision process at all levels.
  • Continuously improve Cx, incorporating new approaches and tools and leveraging data

Smart Technologies

Potential benefits:

  • Increased citizen trust;
  • Improved customer satisfaction;
  • Improved employee engagement;
  • Lower costs;
  • Improved efficiency; and
  • Better mission focus.

Multi-branch technology solutions provided by 4POWER enable these benefits. Customer Visit Management & Service Delivery Solutions take care of the consistent, personalized and improved customer experience while at the branch, whereas Self Service Machines provide a non-stop and no waiting business environment. Managed Services enable improvement in efficiencies and competitiveness with no capex.

POWERware Customer Visit Management & Service Delivery Solutions

POWERware Intelligent Self Serive Machines – eLobby Solutions (24×7, non-stop – Transactions)

Advanced Customer Recognition
Advanced Information & Service Delivery Kiosk

POWERserve Managed Services

Managed Advanced Security Operations Center
Managed Advanced Document Management Services
Managed Advanced Account Reconciliation Services to Banking specification
Managed ARM
Managed ADS

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