Core Benefits

Build your Digital Media Solutions centrally & in real-time. With complete control over an unlimited number of endpoints & integration with ARM (Advanced Reception Management); ADS assists organizations to engage with customers while they are waiting in the branch.
Manage Media With EaseRecord, Store & Playback content On Demand!
Multi Screen LayoutsCreate & Deliver content to Multiple Digital Media Screens
Schedule & PublishWhen & Where Media is played
Manage, Monitor & ReportSet-up, Control & Monetize your Media

USPs Of The Product

Reduced Perceived Waiting Time

Entertain Customers during Waiting Time

Reduce Cost on Print Media & Creatives

Roll out new Creatives at ZERO effective cost!

Schedule & Target Relevant Content

Occasion, Festivals – We have got you covered!

Boost Revenue

Customer Time spent – 30% more

Customer is the center & not the one running in circles

ADS reduces perceived wait time & with its versatility & ease of deployment, helps the organization to track ROI.

Components of ADS – Ads Server (to manage Ads from one central point), Ads Player (Connect to any screen to Track activity – Live as well as Recorded), Ads Multi-Screen Generator (More Reach, Frequency & accuracy on ROI), Ads Portal (Branding & Inject Promotions)

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