Core Benefts

Self-ServicePOWERware FEX 905 allows consumers to do their money exchange at their convenience
Multi-Currency ExchangeAccepts cash with multiple currencies including USD, GBP, EUR and YEN and dispenses local currency in the form of cash and coins
KYC CompliantOptional add-ons for ID Scanning and biometric data capture
Secure & ConvenientFeatures such as a secure safe with removable and reusable self-locking cassettes and OTP takes care of routine cash collection by CIT

USPs Of The Product

Improve Operations & Revenue

Automation reduces transaction costs and improves speed, accuracy and privacy

Integrate additional services and systems

Additional services such as bill payments and/or remittance can be added

Highly functional & engaging

Friendly graphical user interface with navigation options. Also features 17” touch screen for input of private data or interaction with marketing content

24 X 7 Customer Self Service

Threshold notifications & Predictive algorithms for the Cash in Transit companies for a seamless 24 x 7 Customer self-service experience

Fintechs need not be the only ones taking the banks to the customers

Currency Exchange Machines accept banknotes from different currencies and exchanges them into local currency in banknotes. They also function as remittance machines, allowing customers to send and receive money to other locations. Keeping in mind the cash handling capacity, these machines have robust safety vaults which can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Currency exchange and remittance machines come handy in various premises such as events, exhibitions, trade shows and more.

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