Core Benefits

Maximum FlexibilityHighly reliable, robust cash recycling technology with configurable options
High Capacity4+1 (4 recycling cassettes + 1 deposit cassette) with capacity of up to 14,000 bank notes
Enhanced SecurityUL291 certified safe with an anti-skimming solution
Multiple Cash CassettesRecycling Cassette and Deposit-only Cassette options available with recycle up-to 8 denominations

USPs Of The Product

Advanced Technology

Enhanced banknote validation module for higher acceptance ratio and elimination of counterfeits


Minimum power consumption especially during idle time

Varied Applications

Multiple placement options like lobby front servicing or through-the-wall rear servicing

Reduced Cash Management Costs

Market-specific configurations to reduce the frequency of expensive cash-in-transit services

Transactions to Interactions to Loyalty!

By transforming the way currency is being managed, cash recycling machines are the perfect solution to cash management. Cash recycling machines have a lower ownership cost compared to ATMs and CDMs and are the inevitable shift from traditional cash management procedures. Right from collecting to counting, sorting and ultimately dispensing, our advanced machines automate and streamline the cash management procedure by reducing labor and handling costs thereby improving operational efficiency.

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