Core Benefits

With a counting speed of more than 600 notes/minute & a cash box capacity of 20,000 notes, THE self-service Cash Deposit Machine will save more than 40% of the operational efficiency
High Speed4POWER’s CDM operates at a breakneck speed of up to 600 notes per minute
High CapacityThe Breakneck speed is complimented with an equally high holding safe of up-to 20,000 notes
IntelligenceTechnology that seamlessly integrates to the core banking system, the deposited Cash is immediately reflected the customer’s account
Secure & ConvenientOTP secured for routine cash collections by Cash in Transit (CIT) companies

USPs Of The Product

Easy to Use

UX driven, Customer centric useful on-screen prompts at every stage of the transaction

Operationally Efficient

Corporate sites, where the transaction volumes are high, the CDM takes the bank to the customer

Easy Upgrade & Integration

Without much hassle, additional services such as Cheque Deposit, Coin deposit, etc can be added

Smart Branch

CDM is a part of our smart branch end-to-end solution. It operates 24 x 7 with minimum supervision

Taking the Bank to the customer

At 4POWER, we understand that Banks face an unprecedented challenge – ‘To offer the best customer experience at the lowest possible cost. With this at the core, the Cash deposit machine forms a part of our ‘SMART BRANCH’; an automated solution offering end-to-end 24 x 7 customer self-service with minimum supervision

Available Upgrades:

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