Core Benefits

High Capacity MachinesCapacity of up to 20,000 notes
Unparalleled Security FeaturesHighly secure safes with OTP enabled removable and reusable metal cassettes
Instant Cheque ClearanceTruncation enabled machines to facilitate immediate cheque clearance
Multiple Cheque DepositsBulk cheque deposits to reduce waiting time and enable faster processing

USPs Of The Product

Unparalleled Efficiency

High speed deposit of 600 notes/minutes

High Capacity Machines

Holding capacity of up to 20,000 notes

Local Customisations

Multi-currency firmware available

Customisable workflows

Modify systems as per company policies

No waiting – customer self-service cash and cheque deposit kiosks

With counting speeds of up to 600 notes a minute and a holding safe of 10,000 notes, our automated high-speed kiosks have been designed to enable self-service for high volume transactions. With on-screen prompts at every stage of the transaction, our kiosks enable faster transactions and minimal waiting time making cash and cheque deposits a breeze.

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