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A more customized approach is required

A one-size-fits-all plan may not work at all Locations.
Customers at a Branch within a university campus would have very different requirements than say at a Branch within a business park

Implementing solutions that may make sense for one branch but not for another.
Setting up a brokerage or wealth management practice, for example, might work for a high-income locality but not for a lower-income one.

Setting goals that may be good company-wide, but not for certain individual branches.
For instance, a goal of growing commercial loans by X percent may not be a practical strategy for a branch in a low growth commercial market or with a high market penetration.

Not having the right people in the right places.
A bank might not realize the benefits of its top salespeople if they're placed in their slower growing branch markets.

Not taking into account the different competition each branch faces.

It is recommended that banks consider establishing unique customer acquisition, retention and cross-selling goals for each branch. Data is key to this effort and can determine the following:

  • How each branch ranks in terms of market position and growth potential
  • What kind of market each branch serves whether it's mostly commercial or consumer, urban or rural
  • How well branches are competing for market share
  • Which branches are cash cows, stars, question marks, or growth focused