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Tellers must do more than transact they must also sell!

Tellers see more customers than anybody else. The transactions they handle often give off obvious indicators of sales opportunities. With branch volumes declining and facilities smaller, it's no longer feasible to have specialized roles such as managers, lenders, new accounts reps, tellers, teller supervisors, etc. In banking, as in every other industry making do with fewer people, those staff remaining will have to make a greater contribution to revenue.

Technology has naturally played a role in this transformation, first by usurping many of tellers' old responsibilities. Cash recyclers have eliminated, or significantly reduced, balancing and cash counting. In addition, self-service technology also allows customers to conduct their own transactions. Since tellers don't need to be so deeply occupied in operational matters, they can focus on the needs of the customer rather than the transaction. Most banks recognize this, at least in theory; the term "teller" has been typically transformed into "customer service representative," or something similar.

CRM/CEM or other self-service technology,analyze the customer's profile for signs of "next product needed" and promptly explain its benefits to the customer as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Additionally, Digital Signage informs and creates a desire among customers when they visit the branch.