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Retailers are connecting with their retail customers in methods that take more cues from coffee houses and sports clubs than the marble halls and gold-filigree teller windows of old. Today's retail outlets are comfortable spaces where consultants can walk customers through personal options and build a community."

And now that so many tasks can be done remotely, digital signage can create the middle ground between the virtual and the physical.Digital signage serves to bridge the gap between all-digital banking and in-store banking. It has the power to foster and retain customer loyalty by making an emotional connection, intensifying the personal relationship with the customer and the retailer.

Even banks are becoming retail environments that are rediscovering the value of in-branch services for boosting sales and strengthening customer relationships. Digital signage, can enhance the in-branch customer experience and serve as an effective communication tool to present targeted information to waiting customers and promote new products and services according to the interests of customers in different areas of the branch.

Also, the products and services provided by leading institutions can offer intangible benefits that might be difficult for consumers to grasp looking at printed signs or posters. Digital signage can target rich media showing the outcomes more convincingly at the point patrons are thinking about financial decisions, which can assist in triggering need recognition.