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Information and Control for Central Office

A Central office helps a business with multiple locations to function smoothly by providing central administrative control. Having a central office marks a milestone in your company's success. It also ushers in a new era of business challenges and problems. Senior executives have to stop looking at the individual locations as ends in themselves, and start viewing them through the lens of the larger corporate strategy - without losing touch with the realities at the branches.

To do this effectively, up-to-the minute information is required by the Central office to enable timely intervention and setting up of policies. One size fit all does not always work.

Our solutions enable the Central office to set up policies for Branch opening and closing, Counter and Service availability, Product Mix, Rates for Services, Exchange Rates etc.

Using our Digital Signage ensures only the latest content i.e. advertising, training material and news is distributed in the Branches with central control. Also events such as new Branch openings can be shown to team members. Season specific sales and time bound offers are effectively distributed in time. Customer feedback as well as quality of service delivery can be monitored and action taken in real time.