Core Benefits

Total Payment FlexibilityAccepts cash, cheque, debit card and credit card to facilitate complete payment flexibility
Reduced Operational CostsAutomated bill payments to free up staff and reduce operational costs
Highly Secured TransactionsEMV and PCI secured transactions to protect customer data
Multi-Lingual InterfaceProgrammable to support multiple languages based on local affinity

USPs Of The Product

Reduced Waiting Time

Automating bill payments reduces customer wait time thereby increasing customer satisfaction

Extended Service Hours

Using self-service kiosks will eliminate the need for the presence of human capital thus facilitating extended service hours

Secured Cash Storage

Deposited cash is stored in secured cassettes protected with multiple levels of authentication

Payment Receipts

Upon successful payment, the kiosk prints a receipt with the transaction details

Journey from utility to customer intimacy

In this competitive business environment, customer service is the one factor towards garnering loyalty. Bill payment kiosks facilitate faster transactions by automating payments and reducing employee interaction. Bill payment kiosks streamline payment processes thereby delivering enhanced user experience. Bill payment kiosks eliminate long queues thus leading to better customer experience and ultimately customer loyalty.

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