Advanced Service Evaluator (ASE)

A survey your customer feels good about!

Emotion based feedback at the point of service delivery

Gain instant insight into customer and employee happiness with smiley face surveys. The smiley face scale is universally understood for quick and accurate experience feedback. What is more – the smiley face survey is taken at the point of service and is designed to capture the emotion of the customer as soon as service is delivered. The feedback therefore is likely to be the most accurate that you can get.

ASE respects your brand and your customers’ time. Moreover ASE can be delivered across multiple channels and devices, and in many languages. As the survey is quick, easy, instantaneous, makes the customer feel his opinion matters and unobtrusive ASE can be offered to customer after every interaction. ASE becomes a powerful tool to determine how the company service / product delivery is being perceived by customers over a period of time and also the same customer’s perception of service received from one interaction to the other.

The rise of Emoji’s

With communications becoming more visual, and the dramatic rise in “emotion” based feedback, you need a smiley face survey to help you get a better understanding of how your service is being received. Is it improving?

Did you know…
As few as 2% of consumers will complete a questionnaire
An estimated 40%+ of all online surveys are completed on a mobile device, (and that number is growing) Emoji’s and smileys are sent in their billions every day, and usage increases by 1000% annually.

To combat this change in customer habits, customer experience professionals are turning to shorter and more visual forms of survey.

ASE a Multi-channel feedback tool:

  • Device on Counter
  • Android or Apple App / Link
  • Email & SMS Surveys
  • Sharing a Web Link in Chats

Get started with our 2 month free trial version today and then upgrade to start powering additional devices and channels.


Placed on counter. Emotion survey taken as soon as service delivered.


Centrally managed from HO, but each device / channel configured individually. Software controls multi-channels.

ASE incorporates tools to

Create Surveys

Present Surveys


Management & Reporting

Some outstanding
features of ASE

Multi-lingual Instant, Unobtrusive, Respects Customers Time Survey can be taken at every Interaction Open APIs for Integration. Linked to ARM
Captures emotion at point of service Handles Multiple Departments and Sites Data protection and security Business Intelligence and Drill Down Reports

Some uses of ASE

Customer Satisfaction

Employee Feedback

Patient Satisfaction

Service Delivery Perception

Changes in Perception over time

Trend in Perception over time

Can be part of SLA matrix

Quality Management Purposes & Certification

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