Advanced Reception Management (ARM)

Designing, Measuring and Managing Visit Experiences

Customers Remember

Avail the benefits of organization and queuing without having to stand in a line. Free your guests with ARM, giving them the freedom to shop, rest, relax, wander or run errands—the modern way of “waiting in line.”

Better the Experience, more the Business! Take the guesswork out of your customer reception. ARM’s powerful analytics tools let you track customer flow and operations, so you can identify issues and remedy them in real time. Achieve continuous improvement.

ARM in

Photo or showing Customers, TG, MDU, CDU, Agents, Counters, People Counting Camera, Stanchions, Physical Signs

Token Generator

Customer takes a token upon arrival. A list of available services is displayed and the customer chooses the desired service. This secures the earliest appointment with the most appropriate Agent (Teller) without having to stand in line, and the management process begins. Application also available on mobile.

Main Display Screen

Displays which tokens are currently been served and on which Counters. In due course the token taken by the Customer will be called and displayed – which directs to a particular counter. Part of the screen may also be used for infotainment.

Counter Display Unit

Displays counter number and other information.


Centrally managed at HO, but each branch configured individually. Software controls opening and closing time, languages, services, counters, voice announcements, displays and handles all the reporting. With open APIs it can be integrated with other applications e.g. CRM, Core Banking, Hospital Management etc.

Facility Management

People counting cameras
Physical way finding signs

ARM delivers


Immediate acknowledgment of customer arrival and start of management process Presents service availability in real time and offers
Up to 30%
decrease in actual wait times
Up to 50% decrease in perceived wait times

Service Delivery Management

Secures earliest appointment in virtual queue Appointment progress information in real time
Up to 40% increase in service efficiency Up to 90% reduction in Customers leaving without service


Tracks and maintains wait time and service time within SLA Measures Agent productivity
Mobile and online enabled Powerful Analytics and Business Intelligence Reports


Identifies bottlenecks causing long service delivery time Manages Appointments as well as walk ins
Optimization of Costs and Increase in productivity Increased Business and Customer Satisfaction

Some outstanding
features of ARM

Turn Tellers to Sellers Triple Play Data, Voice & Video recording Wait times information on nearby branches People count, light and climate control Assists with space inventory and merchandising Triggers usage based preventative maintenance Tracks other visits and deliveries in and out Customer recognition features
Multiple token generators for large spaces Available on-site and on cloud Open API’s Pre screen customers Account manager notification facility Identical brand touch and feel across branches Choose your agent facility configurable Consumable Ordering
Premier Customer identification; Informs Manager when a VIP is on site VIP Lounge Multi-services on one token Token forwarding and re-direction Dynamic re-routing if counter closed Internal chats between agents and managers SMS notifications
Tokens maybe branded and customised Manages branch opening and closing times Manages breaks and holidays Manages peaks and troughs Measures services demanded at branch; event correlation Measures agent productivity Flags if customer has to visit multiple times Links to Feedback and Service Evaluator
Industries or Sectors that use ARM – Multi Department / Multi Branch Organizations

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