Advanced Digital Signage (ADS)

Powering your brand. Your own private Enterprise TV channel.

It’s all about captivating customers

Digital Signage Software manages single or multiple digital displays located anywhere on the network, allowing organizations to create and deliver targeted messages that inform and educate customers, making them more inclined to buy.

Content is managed remotely in real time on a screen by screen, location and time slot basis for the most efficient, effective, targeted advertising possible, ensuring a robust ROI.

ADS is the ultimate tool to build audience engagement on site or off site. ADS displays video, audio, image and other files, and makes it easy to reliably and securely stream live YouTube channels, webpages, dashboards and social media feeds to your screens. ADS is like your own Enterprise TV Station – a private communication channel to reach your customers and staff. Products and service programs can be demonstrated visually via digital screens and in-house broadcast networks.

ADS has evolved as technology has evolved from VHS tapes and LANs to Internet and 5G. Whether it’s in a shopping mall, hotel, airport or restaurant, digital signage continues to evolve by offering more than the traditional static message boards that we’re used to seeing. We are now embracing complimentary technologies that can invoke a reaction and provide instant benefits and positive experiences for the user and the network owner.

ADS is intuitive and will give you ultimate control to send targeted content to any screen at any time. Get started with our 2 month free trial version today and then upgrade to start powering additional screens.


Connects and controls screen or screens. More and more screens are being manufactured with a built in PC.


Can be a single screen or an array of screens.


Centrally managed from HO, but each screen configured individually. Software controls content and time slots.

ADS delivers tools to

Create Content

Schedule Content

Publish Content

Management & Reporting

Some outstanding
features of ADS

Intuitive and Easy to Use Templates and Widgets Full Screen and Multiple Zone Media Formats Nested Playlists Web Triggers Network Dashboard Handles a variety of Content Types Branding Features
Playlists and Previews Content Recurrence and Validation Overlay Transparent Images Touch Kiosk for Individual Interaction Remote Updates and Reboots Active Directory Sign On Proof of Play and Audits Queue Status and Content Checks

Some innovative uses of ADS

Video Walls and Screen Arrays

Product Comparison Interactive Screens

Directory and Way Finding Kiosks

Information Displayed of Item Picked or Barcode Scanned

Customer Recognition and Appropriate Responses

Responsive Messages to Age, Gender and Mood.

Display Emergency Messages and Facilities Occupancy

Non-touch Gesture based Interaction

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