Advanced Customer Feedback (ACF)

Helps to adjust your business to customer’s real needs

It’s all about staying ahead of the competition

Top performing companies understand the important role customer feedback plays in business. They consistently listen to the voice of their clients. Not only they search for opinions clients publish on social media and reviews they provide websites designed for gathering feedback (e.g. TripAdvisor), but they also deliberately ask for feedback using distinct kinds of surveys. If you want to stay ahead of competition you should never stop listening to customer feedback whether it is positive or negative, prompted or unprompted.

There are plenty of ways to leverage customer feedback and profit from it. Customer feedback, whether prompted or unprompted, is crucial in managing customer satisfaction and loyalty, in customer retention, improving products and services, and in many more areas of business.

ACF – Powerful customer feedback and survey software

ACF offers the fastest way to collect real time and off-line feedback from customers, employees, guests and patients; and to get detailed actionable reports.

  • Android & Apple Apps
  • Kiosk Surveys
  • Email & SMS Surveys
  • Online Surveys

Flexibility to choose right metric or combination of different metrics to measure customer loyalty, satisfaction and what customers are thinking about your brand.

ACF is built for non-techies. It is simple to use with no learning curve. The survey App is designed for hassle-free operation and is implemented quickly. Get started with our 2 month free trial version today and then upgrade to start powering additional stations and channels.


Displays which tokens are currently been served and on which Counters. In due course the token taken by the Customer will be called and displayed – which directs to a particular counter. Part of the screen may also be used for infotainment.


Centrally managed from HO, but each survey configured individually. Software controls multi-channels. It is also possible to scan a barcode with a mobile phone and be taken to the survey web-site.

ACF incorporates tools to

Create Surveys

Present Surveys


Management & Reporting

Some outstanding
features of ACF

Multi-lingual survey form builder Skip Logic Question Branching Real-time Configurable Alerts
Trigger Emails and entry into CRM Handles Multiple Departments and Sites Data protection and security Business Intelligence and Drill Down Reports

Some uses of ACF

Customer Satisfaction

Employee Feedback

Patient Satisfaction

Market Survey

Lead Capture

Improvement, Suggestions & Complaints Box

Facilities Management Surveys

Quality Management Purposes & Certification

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